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With our award-winning AVID editing expertise and AVID-certified training, we tailor our approach to meet you where you're at. Our bespoke training doesn't just teach you; it launches you into the world of professional editing.

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AVID Media Composer 101
Elevate your project with our expert touch. TYTV Ltd brings storytelling to life, using AVID's powerful suite to edit your video content to broadcast-quality perfection. Experience the difference that award-winning precision and creativity can make.
AVID Media Composer 110
Unlock the full potential of AVID Media Composer with certified training from the pros. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to level up, our courses in Glasgow offer hands-on learning to boost your skills and confidence in the industry's leading editing software.
Bespoke Training
No two editors are the same, which is why our bespoke training is tailored just for you. From one-on-one sessions to team workshops, we adapt to your needs, focusing on the skills you want to develop in AVID editing or any other specific area.

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Let's Talk Dreams and Screens
Every editor has their quest. We'll discuss yours. This step is all about understanding what you need and how we can get you there. Whether it's mastering the basics or conquering advanced techniques, we'll plot the path that fits you best.

4. Dive Into Learning

Book, Attend, and Become
Found your perfect course? Let's lock it in. Booking your spot is just the beginning. Attending the course is where the real magic happens—expect hands-on learning, eye-opening insights, and that "aha" moment that changes everything.

5. Share the Love & Learn Some More

Spread the Word and Keep Growing
Congratulations, you've levelled up! But the journey doesn't end here. Share your success, inspire others, and maybe, just maybe, come back for another adventure. After all, there's always more to learn, and we're here to explore it together.
Tim Young
Creative, insightful and highly skilled, Tim Young is one of the most respected Craft Editors in Scotland. Tim has been editing for over 25 years, across many genres: from whittle shows to docu-dramas. Recently, Tim has been lead editor on an RTS Award-winning Specialist Factual Series for Channel 4.
· AVID Certified Instructor (AVID 2022): qualified to teach AVID MC 101 and 110
· Avid Certified User (AVID 2022)
· Avid 324 Symphony Finishing Effects and Colour Correction (VET London 2004) and more.
Worked With
• BBC Studios
• BBC2
• Tuesday’s Child/C4
• IWC Media
• Crime & Investigation UK
• The Learning Channel
See what our students have to say about the course.
I had the privilege of taking the Avid Media Composer 101 course with Tim in January, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Tim's expertise in Avid and other editing software is truly impressive, and what sets him apart is his deep understanding of the art of editing.
Everett Jaime
Freelance Dialogue and Video Editor
Quite literally just completed the AVID Media Composer 101 course with the amazing Tim Young @hty_336 ! I ended up getting to do the course one-on-one with Tim and wrapped up in just 3 days!
Joshua James
Freelance Offline Video Editor and Self Shooting P/D


Comprehensive training on AVID Media Composer Editing Essentials, including setting up projects and importing media, to provide a solid foundation in video editing.
Advanced training on AVID Media Composer Effects Essentials, focusing on applying effects to enhance your projects, crucial for creating professional-grade video content.
In-depth exploration of basic editing techniques to streamline your workflow.
Personalised learning with bespoke training packages tailored to individual or organisational requirements.
Guidance on using AVID tools for precise editing and narrative storytelling.
Techniques for managing and optimising media within AVID Media Composer.
Visual Resource
Training on creating visual effects, transitions, and titles to elevate your video content.
Customizable course content, allowing for focus on specific areas of interest or need.
Hands-on practice sessions for real-world editing experience.

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